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10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Unless you’re a small business owner who is not interested in growing your brand, you need to have a website. These days building a business website or ecommerce store is easier than ever: it doesn’t cost much money, you don’t have to know how to code or design, your online store is not restricted to business hours, and […]

7 Social Media Fails to Avoid in 2017

Chances are you’ve witnessed a social media fail sometime in the past year. It usually results from a sense of urgency, or a miscommunication that ignores common sense, all for the sake of gaining attention. It’s true: Follow just a bit of poorly-advised posting on social media, and you, too, can create your very own […]

7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work: A Complete Guide

SOURCE There’s no question that, in the modern landscape, a big part of your marketing strategy is digital. Consumers and businesses alike are almost always online — and you want to be able to reach them and observe their behavior where they spend the most time. But when you’re growing a business, it seems like […]

Google AdWords Special

Parallax Studios is happy to announce that any Website Packages purchased before 15 December 2016 will receive, FREE OF CHARGE: Google AdWords Setup – Valued at R495 R600 AdWords Credit For Advertising   This means that if you buy a Website Package before 15 December 2016 we will do Google AdWords setup for your business and […]

15% Discount Sitewide

15% Off Discount on all Services: Parallax Studios is happy to announce that for the next 4 Days all Services And Products are 15% OFF. This means that on all Website Packages, Online Stores, SEO Management and Setup, Google AdWords Packages you can get 15% off for next 4 Days. For Website Projects this applies if […]

Are you a Great Boss or a Not-So-Great Boss? [Infographic]

Ever notice how everyone in a workplace knows who the bad boss is—except the bad boss? If you’re supervising others, and you’re frustrated with their performance, it’s possible that the problem isn’t your team. You could be the not-so-great boss. Disengaged employees cost the U.S. more than $500 billion in lost productivity annually, and most […]

6 Big Myths About SEO

In the world of online marketing, misinformation abounds–and it gets compounded exponentially by an incredibly dynamic and rapidly evolving world. Most of the things you think you know (but don’t) about search-engine optimization, or SEO, may have been true a few years ago but have changed; one of the following was always a myth. Here […]

5 Email Campaign Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rates [Infographic]

As businesses adopt inbound marketing and generate more and more leads, the need for an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes clear very quickly. After all, 50% of leads aren’t ready to buy at the time of first conversion, so lead nurturing — especially through email — is the smartest way for marketers like us to reach them. Why is […]